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Health Reference Librarian--where to find one [11 Jun 2007|04:23pm]
Hello. I live in Texas.  Does anyone know of medical library community or a reference librarian community? On LJ or somewhere else I can post? I can't find one myself on LJ.  I have to interview a health reference librarian for a paper that that's due next Wednesday (not this Wed but the next one) for my LS class. The class started last Wed and I was unable to find one where I live and the prof finally okayed doing it by email today.  At this time, work won't let me off to conduct one in person in another town. I would like to find an interviewee in North Texas (I live in Denton) if possible; however anywhere in-state or out-of-state is fine.  If there's a health reference librarian here willing to do that would be great!   Or if you know of someone who might be interviewed.  Thank you for any help you can provide.
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SLA Texas Chapter Event [06 Mar 2007|09:38am]


Hi Texas library people! Here is the info for the SLA Texas Chapter Spring Meeting in Houston on March 23. Let me know if you're planning on going because I'd like to meet some library friends.

P.S. You don't have to be a SLA member to attend.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Registration is open for the SLA Texas Chapter Spring Meeting, Friday, March 23, 2007 at the University of Houston's Rockwell Pavilion.  This year’s meeting is a spotlight on Innovation.

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TLA Annual Conference [21 Feb 2007|11:37am]

Hey library people...early bird registration for TLA's Annual Conference ends Feb. 22. Hope to see you there.
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houston area community college job (reference librarian) [23 May 2006|08:41am]

San Jacinto College - SE Houston

http://www.sjcd.edu/future_employees.html > Available Positions > Search Positions > [position title] reference librarian

Feel free to email me at ebylib AT yahoo for more info.

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[16 May 2006|09:53pm]

I am attempting to fill a part time summer job (20hr/week, $12/hr, flexible hours) at an academic library in Houston doing web maintenance and design for my library's web site (and the potential for a bit of general office computer troubleshooting), and nobody who is qualified for the job has applied. This is driving me crazy, because I really need someone in this position, and unless I fill it soon, the Powers That Be may decide I don't really need it and take away the funding for it. The job is officially a summer-only position, but there is the possibility of it continuing past the summer. I thought I'd post the job here in case anyone is interested in applying. I want to note that hard-core computer geekiness is not required for this position, but web design experience and/or training of some variety is. Here is the position description:

Applicants for this position must be familiar with DreamWeaver, as this position will be required to perform web design and web maintenance tasks. Familiarity with CSS and/or Java a plus, but not required. Applicants will also be expected to have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, the latest versions of popular Web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Firefox), and the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), as well as be able to troubleshoot minor hardware and software problems in the library. Other responsibilities may include general maintenance of the library's computer equipment to ensure its reliable functioning. This can include cleaning mouse, keyboards, and monitor screens, as well as monitoring and installing software updates. Applicants should type at least 40wpm, and be polite, punctual and reliable. Familiarity with libraries a plus.

If you are interested in this job, please e-mail me as soon as possible at byrd_sweet(at)yahoo(dot)com. I will be happy to answer questions or take resumes at that email address. Library students in particular might find this to be an attractive position because of the flexible scheduling and library experience.

[10 May 2006|04:25pm]

Every year, the Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries sponsors a children's book drive to benefit a school or schools in the city in which the AALL conference is being held. This year’s efforts will benefit two of the most needy schools in the St. Louis area, Central Elementary and Vashon 9th Grade Academy.Collapse )

Please help out with this initiative if you can. I know for a fact that every book and every penny donated goes to the libraries.

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UNT alums at TLA [27 Apr 2006|06:56am]

[ mood | tired ]

Any North Texas alums out there going to the Alumni dinner tonight (Thursday) at TLA?

If so, I would love to rent your cap, gown, and (especially) hood. I'm about 5'9".

I won't be able to check LJ the rest of the day, so just bring it and we'll talk!

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Dumb question [25 Apr 2006|08:53am]

[ mood | antsy ]

What should I wear to TLA? Could I get away with jeans with a nice shirt? And where the heck can I find a Hawaiian shirt?

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An Armadillo's view of Texas higher education [03 Apr 2006|02:55pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

As much of the time there is truth in humor (even poor and non-PC humor), I had to post this item originally from inviatorplustax

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One of the biggest influences on my life! [10 Mar 2006|06:02pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Susan Cooper will be at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference!

I checked out her "The Dark is Rising" series from a branch of the Phoenix Public Library, I THINK after seeing her on the old TV Show "What's My Line."

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Texas Library News [21 Feb 2006|04:25pm]

[ mood | busy ]

(After Katrina) NEA Launches New Program to Bring New Books to Public Schools in Need


Denton to offer free wireless in libraries


Dallas (And other major Texas cities) to offer free wireless Internet at parks, libraries


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TLA 2006 Conference [21 Feb 2006|10:53am]

FYI, early-bird registration (online, members only) ends Wednesday, Feb. 22. 

Also, does anybody know anything about TLA's Special Libraries division? According to the (online) conference program, they're sponsoring a pre-conference, but I can't find any scheduled meeting for the group. I was really hoping to meet some other special library people.
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My biggest pet peave is people talking "at the movies." [12 Feb 2006|05:11pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Australian woman charged with assault in Texas after shushing cell phone using local in a movie theater.


They give the Aussie's name, I just wish they'd give the, ahem, Texan's. Lack of hospitality is lynching offense in most of Texas!

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A Texas political appointee who censored information.... [08 Feb 2006|07:03am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

"George C. Deutsch, the young presidential appointee at NASA who told public affairs workers to limit reporters' access to a top climate scientist and told a Web designer to add the word "theory" at every mention of the Big Bang, resigned yesterday, agency officials said."

He hadn't even graduated from college (Texas A&M), as stated on his resume!

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Questions [07 Feb 2006|10:14pm]
Hi, I'm doing a project for school and had to choose a profession. I chose Librarian. Now I have some questions that I am supposed to ask people who actually have this job.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you ahead of time for atleast reading my request.

1.What are the minimum requirements in terms of education needed for this position?

2. What are the general duties (day-to-day activities) of this position?

3. What is the pay and associated benefits that come with this position at entry-level?
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Galveston Makes American Libraries Online [06 Feb 2006|08:19pm]


Curious Incident Triggers Curious Reaction

Apologies if this is old news. I'm out of the public library loop.

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Library forces FBI to get warrant. (Not Texas, but yeah!) [26 Jan 2006|07:27pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


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Dallas Library poop smearer caught (a different crime) [07 Jan 2006|10:06am]

[ mood | nauseated ]

"...Miriam Rodriguez, assistant director of the library, confirmed to me that when Nahidmobarekeh began to appear in news accounts about the Fiesta incident last year, library staffers recognized him as the same man they had dealt with three years earlier. In February, March and early April of 2002, the downtown Central Library suffered a spate of feces-smearing incidents, of which I have acquired official records through a request under the Texas Public Information Act...."

Warning - don't read article before eating....


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Need $$ advice [06 Jan 2006|10:30am]


Hi everyone,

I (urgently) need to come up with a salary range for a solo librarian in a small non-profit organization in Houston.

I have some "librarian" salary information. I have some non-profit salary information. What I don't have is information for a librarian who is employed by a non-profit.

The 2005 SLA salary survey might have the information I need, but I can't tell and don't want to buy the whole thing just for one bit of information.

I suspect I'll have to defend the number I come up with, so I'm just looking to cover all my bases. Any advice on how to determine a salary is appreciated.

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Censorship in Texas [01 Jan 2006|04:17pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I missed these:

St. Andrew's Episcopal School

St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Austin, Texas, turned aside $3 million from a donor who wanted to strip the short story, "Brokeback Mountain" by Annie Proulx, from the private high school's senior reading list. St. Andrew's decided to keep teaching the story about gay cowboys and returned the check. Other benefactors pitched in - resulting in a clear win for those against such censorship. [Thats all thats pertinent from this ( http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/plaindealer/index.ssf?/base/entertainment/1136021454220101.xml&coll=2 article - more links follow)]

More -



Irving Librarians fight limits on book about sexual abuse


or if you have to register


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