jaclibrary (jaclibrary) wrote in tex_librarians,

Health Reference Librarian--where to find one

Hello. I live in Texas.  Does anyone know of medical library community or a reference librarian community? On LJ or somewhere else I can post? I can't find one myself on LJ.  I have to interview a health reference librarian for a paper that that's due next Wednesday (not this Wed but the next one) for my LS class. The class started last Wed and I was unable to find one where I live and the prof finally okayed doing it by email today.  At this time, work won't let me off to conduct one in person in another town. I would like to find an interviewee in North Texas (I live in Denton) if possible; however anywhere in-state or out-of-state is fine.  If there's a health reference librarian here willing to do that would be great!   Or if you know of someone who might be interviewed.  Thank you for any help you can provide.
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